Highbrow for Educators

Highbrow can be used in the classroom and at home! We have worked from first principles to create an engaging and educational child experience, with input at every step from teachers, researchers, and educational experts.

We also work with schools and nurseries to provide curriculum-tailored video content (e.g. EYFS in the UK).

Research & Efficacy

We know how important it is for educators to make use of proven, well-researched tools and techniques; we hold ourselves, our partners, and our creator community to the exact same rigorous standards. Many Highbrow creators are leading educators and academics in their own right, and have been repeatedly recognised for their contributions to the field.

Along with our own whitepaper outlining Highbrow's educational positioning and goals, we have listed below papers and articles that define and analyse educational techniques used across Highbrow.

As well as guiding Highbrow as a whole, this includes studies which have been instrumental to the proven success of Little Pim, Aiko & Egor, BookBox, and many more.

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