Steve Spangler Science

Who is Steve Spangler? Author, Teacher, Toy Designer and the Creator of a Huge Soda Mess. He’s the science teacher you always wanted to have in school. Things just happen to fizz, pop, smoke and explode, and before you know it, you’re a part of his learning experience. His passion is to find the most creative ways to make learning fun. His methods might be unconventional, but the goal is to turn ordinary science experiments into unforgettable learning experiences. And when it happens, it’s called the Spangler Effect. He earned his credentials as a science author, teacher, professional speaker, toy designer and an Emmy award-winning television personality. But, he remains a big kid at heart as he teaches people how to launch potatoes, whip up the perfect batch of slime and turn an ordinary bottle of soda into an erupting geyser of fun. His best-selling science kits and educational toys help to get kids excited about science at home, and his recent appearances on a number of network television shows, including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, demonstrate his true passion for making learning fun. But Steve Spangler may be best known for teaching millions of people how to turn an ordinary bottle of soda into an erupting geyser of fun. Spangler recently earned his second Heartland Chapter Emmy® Award for his work with as a science education reporter at KUSA-TV 9News in Denver, Colorado.

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