New Horizon

New Horizon create Guided Meditations for Kids (and Adults!) of all ages using Guided Imagery to take your child away on adventures near and far! These Kids Meditations are ideal for Relaxation, Sleep, Stress, Anxiety and building a calm and peaceful inner life. Our Meditations are used in schools and homes throughout the world. Guided Meditation and Guided Imagery helps children to tune into themselves, nourishing their inner life which often gets neglected in this fast-paced world. It allows their tremendous imaginations to run free! Our sleep meditations encourage a better sleep, which in turn helps them to be more focused during the day. It also helps them to develop better social skills with their peers and the world around them. New Horizon aim to teach kids to meditate; to teach them that it can be fun and relaxing and to help them unleash the power of their own imagination. This allows them to go on many exciting adventures from Flying with Unicorns to visiting their Secret Treehouse!

Latest videos from New Horizon

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