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Kaht’s Tales is a wholesome collection of nursery rhyme videos designed to engage children through the creative use of puppetry and short stories. This compilation of musical games, rhythmic tales and nursery rhymes draws its content from a wellspring of traditional and contemporary rhymes and promotes the development of early literacy, numeracy and social skills through imaginative play. Children will be delighted by Kaht, an international educator who brings 20 years experience in teaching young people around the world. Kaht's rhyming and rhythmic brain teasers creatively foster early critical thinking skills through playful exploration of musical concepts. Young children will find the adorable characters from Story Lane relatable as they reflect and celebrate the many personalities that Kaht has encountered in her classrooms over the years. Viewers can expect ongoing and broader content production from Kaht and her friends from Story Lane.

Latest videos from Kahtzo Media

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