Happy Sunshine Friends

Based on a true story... Once upon a time, a King daddy needed an iPad flash card app for his 2 year old princess. He was sad because he couldn't find what he was looking for. So he decided to create a video and a YouTube channel for his princess. The princess loved his creation and enjoyed learning from it. With this achievement, King daddy decided to create more videos. Now with the help of his family members, it became a family project. The princess's toys also gave King daddy some new ideas. He introduced new characters to each video; making them unique and interesting. He then realized that the videos were useful for both kids and parents because they both learned something new. Daddy decided to set a new mission. He decided to create videos so parents and kids can learn together. He believes parenting is also about "LEARNING TOGETHER". Now everyone can enjoy King daddy’s amazing videos. And they lived happily forever.

Latest videos from Happy Sunshine Friends

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