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John Sprecher is founder of Easie Peasie, the next generation of Special Kids. In the early 1990s, Special Kids became the first video modeling company in the world to create programming specifically for special needs children on the autism spectrum, Down Syndrome and other learning challenges. Upon publication of his findings with his son and others within his local autism community, Sprecher published an article in a United States national autism magazine — and received more than 300 letters requesting that he produce this innovative programming. Today, John Sprecher's 11 video modeling programmes have helped children with special needs (as well as typical children) advance and grow in more than 30 countries across 20 years of success. John Sprecher is the father of a young adult with autism. He's the owner and creative director of a branding and advertising agency that's won more than 800 awards across 25 years. He's also the editor and founder of a successful travel magazine that serves Southwest Florida.

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