4 Step Phonics

LucyMax English originated from Kid’s College Suji English education academy in South Korea. The academy was founded in 2004. All teachers at the academy were native English teachers so all classes were taught only in English. Over 2000 children had attended the academy. LucyMax English education contents based on a rich experience with children at Kid’s College. 4 Step Phonics is one of the contents. 4 Step Phonics helps kids read and write English words. In Step 1, kids study single letter sounds when it comes at the beginning of a word. In Step 2, kids study short vowel sounds a, e, i, o, u when these vowels are in a word. In Step 3, kids study long vowel sounds of [ei], [i:], [ai], [ou], [u:] when these vowel sounds are in a word. In Step 4, kids study blended sounds when two consonants are together in a word.

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