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Aiko & Egor is an engaging animated video series developed specifically for children with an autism spectrum disorder. The series is developed and produced by See Beneath, Inc. (See Beneath), a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit based in San Diego, CA. See Beneath's team utilizes applies years of experience in autism intervention and research to fulfill its mission to engage and educate children with autism. Aiko & Egor is designed for parents and children to watch the video together to transform watching cartoons into a social experience. The video series provides young children with autism opportunities to learn developmentally appropriate skills through simplified animation that exaggerates social interactions and gestures, models only appropriate behavior, and provides opportunities for engagement and teaching. The See Beneath team has been working in autism research and intervention for many years and the President of See Beneath is currently conducting research as part of her Ph.D. program at Claremont Graduate University.